Lorri DiBattisto -  President of Board of Directors

I joined the Board of Directors in 2004 after transforming the current location on One Pegville Rd. in Granby from a barn to a building. I'm a practicing structural engineer and own my own business in East Granby. I was invited to the GAA holiday party in early 2004 and was amazed at how many hours people volunteered at GAA and their level of commitment to the community. I felt compelled to be a part of this amazing organization. I look forward to my new position as President of GAA.

Gretchen Wolf - Vice President, Chief of Service, Paramedic

My affiliation with Granby Ambulance began in the year 2000 when I took the Basic EMT course offered through the Association.  My family had always volunteered for fire service - and as I was not interested in smoke and fire, I opted for the medical side. Being an ICU RN, I strove to provide more care then I was allowed as an EMT Basic. When GAA began the paramedic service, I took 2 weeks vacation to go to Omaha, NE  for the RN to Paramedic certificate program at Creighton University. Since that time, I have been a volunteer paramedic for Granby. Over the years, I also became active in the Board of Directors serving initially as Secretary (2001-2003), then Vice President (2003-2008) and currently the President, Chief of Service.  

Steve Johnson - Chief of Operations, Paramedic

I joined Granby Ambulance in 2003 to effect the transition from a Basic Life Support to Paramedic Advanced Life Support. The Granby Ambulance Board of Directors recognized the need for Paramedics based in Granby to provide the best available care to the patients in our community. Granby Ambulance became a Paramedic Service and began providing ALS care within six months. I am responsible for daily operations and supervision of our staff at our Granby and East Granby stations. Prior to joining Granby Ambulance, I was Captain at New Britain EMS and Deputy Chief of EMS and volunteer firefighter with the Town of Canton Fire and EMS Department. I remain a part time Paramedic with New Britain EMS.

​Kate Coupe - Board Member, Assistant Chief, Paramedic

I joined the Granby Ambulance Association in December 1997, two months into my EMT-B class. I always had an inclination towards medicine, between patching up my friends and having numerous pets, a family friend convinced me to enroll in his EMT class. I became certified while I was a Junior at GMHS and continued my education at Springfield College. In May 2003, I graduated as the Salutatorian of my class with a Bachelors of Science in Emergency Medical Services Management. When GAA became a paramedic level ambulance service, I was proud to be its first volunteer paramedic, and I continue to ride weekly. I have served on the Board of Directors for the last ten years, previously serving as the Vice President during the first six years of my tenure. I also served as lead instructor from 2003-2007 for the GAA EMT-B program. Outside of the GAA, I am a career crash-rescue firefighter/paramedic at Bradley Int’l Airport and an instructor for Capital Community College’s EMT and Paramedic training programs. I was formerly a member of the Lost Acres Fire Dept, the East Hartland Volunteer Fire Department, and Connecticut Task Force 1 (CT-TF1) urban search and rescue team.  

Judy Jones - Board Member - At Large, Secretary

I was pleased to join the Board of Directors of Granby Ambulance Association during 2010. I am a practicing attorney currently working for a national health insurance company. I have lived in Granby with my family since 2002 and have always been impressed by the full range of services offered by GAA. I look forward to helping GAA fulfill its important mission of serving the emergency medical needs of the residents of Granby and surrounding towns.

Carol Brennen - Treasurer, EMT

I began my association with Granby Ambulance in 2002 when GAA renovated the ambulance building to accommodate paramedic service.   At that time, I worked for the firm that was responsible for the design of the renovations as well as for the management of the construction.   My responsibility was to get the interior of the building painted (and did some of the painting too).   As my exposure to the GAA organization increased, my desire to join them grew.   As a result, I signed up for the next EMT class given by Granby Ambulance and passed the certification exam in April of 2004.   I’ve been volunteering for GAA ever since.  In 2009, our Treasurer retired after 30 years of service to GAA.   With my background in accounting, I agreed to take over as Treasurer. Now as an officer of GAA, I am looking forward to working with our board on the board’s initiatives for the coming years.   

Sheri Cappa - Board Member, EMT

I joined Granby Ambulance Association after taking an EMT class with my son. He went off to medical school and I am still volunteering and loving every minute of it. GAA is an awesome organization with the best, most caring people and I am very happy to be a part of the organization and to be serving on the Board of Directors.

Susan Everest - Board Member, EMR

Paul Oliva - Board Member, At Large

John Rusnock - Board Member - At Large

Gail Adams - Board Member, EMT

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