GAA History
Granby Ambulance Association was incorporated in 1963. We started serving in the town in 1964, responding to 100 requests for service. By 1975 GAA answered 286 calls from Granby, East Granby, and East Hartland. We anticipate responding to 1700 requests for service in 2014.

August 1976, Granby Ambulance purchases a new $26,000 dollar modular ambulance. The new ambulance equipment included a hospital oxygen system, air conditioning, vacuum suction, an automatic pulse monitor, a microphone, and intercom system! Our newest ambulance incorporating the latest safety advances cost over$180,000.
Granby Ambulance opened the doors of its new facility on 1 Pegville road in January of 1981. We became a Paramedic ALS service in 2003. In 2013 we merged with East Granby Ambulance. We are now the EMS provider for East Granby, East Hartland and Granby.

GAA staffs one Paramedic  ALS ambulance 24 hours a day from our Granby headquarters and a second ALS ambulance 7 AM to 7 PM from East Granby seven days a week.
Granby Ambulance Association

Serving East Granby, East Hartland and Granby